Gear Test

At Desert Rescue Research, we like quality gear. In this blog we will review gear that we like that has good design and works well. From carabiners to PFD’s to hammer drills. We will cut through the fluff and tell you what we think.

Rescue Training

This Blog is about how to do a rescue procedure or detail on a  rescue training tip. My goal is to keep it to what you need and in many cases I will throw in my person philosophy and tricks of the trade.

The latest Video

My goal is to post frequent short videos that show a procedure, test or technique. Watch them here.

Near Miss

We all have close calls. In many cases we keep on moving without giving much thought to it but there are always lessons to be learned, even from little stuff. Its worth sharing these lessons so that we can all learn from them. If you have a near miss or just a lesson learned, shoot me an email with the details and I will post it here.