Rescue Equipment

Know the Use of your Rescue Equipment

Technical rescue is demanding, dangerous and often requires sophisticated rescue equipment. The Essential Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide has detailed high quality illustrations of the most state-of-the-art rescue equipment on the market. Whether you are performing high angle rescue or helicopter operations, we show detailed illustrations instructing how to use your rescue gear.

For example, confined space rescue uses a number of sophisticated pieces of rescue equipment. Safe operation of the supplied air breathing apparatus is detailed in step-by-step illustrated procedure. This important piece of rescue equipment is essential for safe operations and easy understanding of its controls is illustrated.

Another piece of rescue equipment illustrated in the guide is the new CMC multi-purpose device. The MPD is a game changing piece of rescue equipment. The MPD functions as a descent control device that easily allows control of the rescue load on lower. One of the big advantages of the MPD is that it’s design allows it to be, and efficient and safe progress capture device. This allows easy conversion from a lowering operation to a raising operation and if needed back to a lowering operation. This piece of rescue equipment eliminates the need for six other pieces of rescue equipment. The MPD is by far the most innovative piece of rescue equipment to hit the scene in the last 20 years.

Rescue equipment must also be organized efficiently. The essential technical rescue field operations guide has a detailed rescue equipment inventory for each section. It also lists rescue equipment minimum break strengths as established by the manufacturer. This handy reference allows rescuers to easily understand how to choose the right rescue equipment for the job.

So if you need to understand rescue equipment in greater detail how to safely use it or tips on how not to use it, you will find this field guide full of specific information on your rescue equipment. In fact, the NFPA 1983 Standard on life safety rope and equipment for emergency services is summarized on page 2 with important points for safe use of your rescue equipment.

Another section with excellent illustrations on the use of rescue equipment is the water rescue section. Rescue boats, line guns, personal flotation devices and throw bags are just some of the items of water rescue equipment illustrated in this guide. Understanding safe use of this equipment is crucial to a successful rescue operation.

With nearly 200 pages and over 250 detailed illustrations, the essential technical rescue field operations guide is an ideal reference to assist in the safe use of your rescue equipment.