Essential Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide

Edition 4

The Essential Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide has become the industry standard procedure guide for rescuers in all fields.

This new updated 4th edition guide contains over 200 high quality full color illustrations, command checklists and easy to follow step-by-step procedures for rope rescue, confined space rescue, swiftwater rescue, surface ice rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse rescue and helicopter rescue.

40 new pages have been added including the Arizona Vortex, the CMC MPD, high angel offsets and highlines.

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$22.50 for 10 - 19
$21.40 for 20 - 29
$19.00 for 30 or more

Check out the table of contents and a few selected paged from Edition 4. These are the highest quality illustrations in the industry. If you are not completely satisfied with this guide, Desert Rescue will send you a fast refund, no questions asked.