CMC Rescue Enforcer


CMC Rescue Enforcer is finally here!

There are only a few things that really change the way an industry operates or thinks about things. I think that once again CMC Rescue and Rock Exotica have done just that with the CMC Rescue Enforcer.

This UL classified and NFPA G rated version of the Enforcer just became available and I could not be more excited. So whats so exciting you ask?

  • Light weight at only 14 ounces
  • Really clean design and easy to use
  • Bluetooth enabled allowing communication with a companion iOS app (app sold separately)
  • Adjustable alarms to alert when a certain force is reached
  • Fast and slow sample rates
  • Graphing function
  • NFPA G rated

If you have used big bulky dynamometers or complicated and expensive load cells to measure force , this device will be a dream.


The CMC Enforcer load cell comes with a sweet waterproof case and pairs with a full featured app

The CMC Enforcer load cell comes with a sweet waterproof case and pairs with a full featured app

Backyard testing is, in my opinion, very valuable to help rescuers understand and trust their  rescue equipment. The CMC Rescue Enforcer makes this more convenient than ever before. Show your team members where prusiks slip and where systems fail. Show realtime how much force the rescuers are actually pulling on the haul line of the 5:1 mechanical advantage.

Operations and training

The big thing here is that the CMC Rescue Enforcer  weighs less than a pound and can be placed anywhere in rescue systems to show realtime and peak force. It makes it convenient, easy and it gives solid feedback that most of us never see.

For example, the CMC Enforcer can be placed directly in a high line as a standard procedure with the force alarm set to sound at 1000 pounds force (just picking a number). The increase in situational awareness of your system tension and safety factor significantly increases rescuer safety.

My First Thoughts

The ONLY NFPA G rated load cell.

The ONLY NFPA G rated load cell.

When you couple this compact device with the full featured app on an iPhone and a NFPA G rating, you get an awesome new view of the actual forces in your rescue systems for training and operations. This device is a home run by CMC Rescue and Rock Exotica.

I think the CMC Rescue Enforcer will become standard issue in every rescue cache. It is just too easy and affordable.

There is a learning curve however and I will be making some videos showing the many ways you can safely use this device. There will be more to come so subscribe here and you will get training updates as they become available.



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