Rescue 3 Picket Anchor Plate Test

Picket-RSQ3-drr2How does the Rescue 3  Picket Anchor Plate actually perform  under slow pull test conditions?  One definition of a bomb proof anchor is that it can hold 10 times the intended load. An NFPA two-person load is considered to be 600 pounds so 6000 pounds is our goal for this test.

Of course soil type and moisture content have a lot to do with  picket holding power.   We did our test in dry compact type B soil. This soil has been previously disturbed. Also, as a standard disclaimer, this is backyard quick look testing. You may find much different performance under different conditions.

Picket-RSQ3-drrThe Rescue 3 picket anchor plate is a simple piece of rescue hardware that makes building a picket anchor system for rescue super easy. Machined out of a solid piece of aluminum, this anchor plate is advertised with an 8000 pound MBS and has no moving parts.  I suspect that the actual aluminum would fail at a point much greater than 8000  pounds. Let’s watch the video.



I have also done a tieback from the top of the first picket to the bottom of the last picket. we could test this but I suspect that it will not change the performance by a measurable amount. Soil quality is the biggest factor. Testing this in sandy soil and wet soil would be interesting.

You can get this from the Rescue Source for $89.95 each.

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