Fire Rescue

The job of the Fire Rescue Professional just got easier

All over the world, fire rescue professionals have a mission and that mission is to save lives wherever they are at risk. When it comes to technical rescue nothing could have made fire rescue training easier than the essential technical rescue field operations guide. We know that fire rescue professionals whether they be paid or volunteer have a lot of responsibilities and many fire rescue training commands. It’s a lot to keep track of and having an easy to follow and detailed pocket Field guide makes that job more consistent, safer and more effective.

I know you’ve seen field guides before that had lots of generic tips and information but they were nothing compared to the essential technical rescue field operations guide. This guide gives specific, detailed and highly illustrated instructions on a wide range of fire rescue training procedures. These detailed procedures have been battle tested in fire rescue training situations in the United States. In addition metric equivalents have been included that make this guide useful for fire rescue professionals all over the world.

Fire Rescue Training

Fire rescue training for technical rescue has never been easier and more consistent. This guide establishes the national standard for technical rescue procedures for the fire rescue professional as well as all other search and rescue professionals.

For example, disasters that strike in urban areas contacts local resources to the limit and present challenges for fire rescue team members that are difficult to overcome. This industry standard rescue guide assists with both fire rescue training and fire rescue operations and technical rescue. If you want the best fire rescue training guide, the essential technical rescue field operations guide is your first choice to assist with your fire rescue training needs.