Helicopter Rescue

Be Well Trained to be a part of a Helicopter Rescue Mission

In technical rescue, time is a critical factor in that there is no better tool to assist rescuers into remote locations and difficult to reach spots than a helicopter. Helicopter rescue is a mainstream rescue discipline that is widely used an incredibly dangerous. That very danger makes helicopter rescue training essential. Helicopter rescue training is so essential that without the training program helicopter rescue program stands a good chance of a catastrophic accident with great loss of life.

Helicopter Rescue Training

The essential technical rescue field operations guide has a detailed section devoted to helicopter rescue training and operations. The rescue section begins with the command checklists that help team leaders remember important steps to a helicopter rescue operation. A unique flight risk score chart is included for single-engine helicopters to help rate the risk of a rescue operation.

Detailed illustrations depicting safe helicopter rescue landing zone operations as well as special use helicopter rescue procedures make this a very useful section. There is even a long line use decision tree to help helicopter rescue professionals determine safe use of a helicopter.

Most importantly, detailed step-by-step procedures for long line and short-haul helicopter rescue as well as reading illustrations are included to assist in helicopter rescue training and rescue operations.

They say that learning to fly a helicopter is about 20% learning to fly the aircraft in 80% learning what to do when something goes wrong with the aircraft. In the spirit of that philosophy I also included a section on emergency procedures for rescuers.
You will find that the helicopter rescue section is bar none the highest quality information for helicopter rescue training and helicopter rescue operations.