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At Desert Rescue Research, we like quality gear. In this blog we will review gear that we like that has good design and works well. From carabiners to PFD’s to hammer drills. We will cut through the fluff and tell you what we think.


Whats happening with DRR

We are in the second half of 2022 and there is a lot happening in the technical rescue world. Just one of the interesting things so far in 2022 for DRR was the Petzl symposium in Salt Lake City this past May. I got to visit with Richard Delaney (Rope Test Lab), Michael Rush (Peak Rescue), Tom Wood (Elevated Safety), Steve Petty (Petzl), Kevin Koprek (Rigging for Rescue), Russell McCullar (Mississippi Fire Training) and a bunch of others. Petzl’s state of … Continue reading

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Rescue 3 Picket Anchor Plate Test

How does the Rescue 3  Picket Anchor Plate actually perform  under slow pull test conditions?  One definition of a bomb proof anchor is that it can hold 10 times the intended load. An NFPA two-person load is considered to be 600 pounds so 6000 pounds is our goal for this test. Of course soil type and moisture content have a lot to do with  picket holding power.   We did our test in dry compact type B soil. This soil … Continue reading

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CMC Rescue Enforcer

There are only a few things that really change the way an industry operates or thinks about things. I think that once again CMC Rescue and Rock Exotica have done just that with the CMC Rescue Enforcer. This UL classified and NFPA G rated version of the Enforcer just became available and I could not be more excited. So whats so exciting you ask? Light weight at only 14 ounces Really clean design and easy to use Bluetooth enabled allowing … Continue reading

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Kask Super Plasma Rescue Helmet

The Kask Super Plasma Rescue Helmet from CMC Rescue is a really comfortable helmet and provides superior protection. The MSRP is $135 and many colors and options are available. Check out the video.

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New Rescue Guide App!!!

By popular demand, Desert Rescue Research has just released a cool new app for the iPhone and iPad. The new app has all the great graphics of the spiral bound version but in the convenience of your iPhone. Plus, you get an interactive command checklist with elapsed timer and we are developing video links for key procedures that will be updated dynamically. There are a few complimentary copies still left so if you want a free copy, just email and … Continue reading

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