Custom NFPA Technical Rescue Training

Tom Pendley and Desert Rescue Research has been providing technical rescue training to the fire service for over 30 years. Tom specializes in Rope Rescue Operations and Technician level training and Confined Space Operations and Technician level training.

Tom retired from the Peoria AZ fire department as Operations Chief. He was a lead instructor and instructor trainer for the Phoenix Regional Technical Rescue program for many years.

In recent years, Tom has been teaching custom Fire department Rope Rescue Technician, Confined Space Technician and Trench Rescue Technician courses here in the US and internationally. Tom works closely with CMC Rescue (link to testimonial page) and other industry leaders to stay at the cutting edge of rope rescue.

If you need a course for your department or would like to host a rope rescue technician course, we would be happy to provide a competitive bid. We provide top notch industry standard training.

Email Tom directly at: or call 623-533-1234

References are available on request.

Rope Rescue Operational and Technician

DRR Rescue follows NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications as the framework for our fire service rope rescue training. We can complete the technician criteria in 6 full days of training. We prefer to work closely with the host agency to custom tailor the course to their jurisdictional hazards and existing equipment and culture. Class size of 12 to 16 students provides the best hands-on opportunity.







Confined Space Rescue Technician

We follow NFPA and OSHA standards for Confined Space Rescue Technician Courses. Confined space rescue technician can be accomplished in four full days of training if students have completed rope rescue technician training. The host Department must provide an up to date confined space rescue tool kit to support this training. Idealy, there should be access to a confined space rescue prop but we can improvise with representative spaces and give ideas on how to work with local municipal and commercial sites to train in real permit required confined spaces. Class size of 12-16 is ideal.

Our rates are very competitive but we will need to look at your location to properly calculate instructor travel expenses so give us a call for questions and we can give you a formal bid.